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Bell2Bell Podcast featuring Michael Dent, Chairman & CEO of HealthLynked Corp. (OTCQB: HLYK)
News One
HealthLynked Introduces AI-Powered Chat Function to Enhance Healthcare Accessibility
News One
HealthLynked Announces Exciting New Update with HealthLynked 3.2.0 - Transforming Patient-Care Through Innovation
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HealthLynked Welcomes Garrett Gardi to Its Advisory Board
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Welcome to HealthLynked - The Future of Healthcare

Our Identity & Mission

Our Essence:

At the heart of HealthLynked is an unwavering determination to transform healthcare on a global scale. Our central mission is to provide a dynamic ecosystem that simplifies the exchange of crucial medical data between patients and healthcare providers. By improving medical practice efficiency, we aim to increase the reach of high-quality healthcare services and ensure more accurate medical diagnoses.

Our Vision:

With a relentless dedication, HealthLynked is reshaping the future of global healthcare. We are committed to nurturing a highly interconnected and more efficient healthcare infrastructure to optimize patient care worldwide.

Our Strategy:

Recognizing the fragmented nature of contemporary healthcare, HealthLynked serves as a unifying bridge that cohesively integrates disparate electronic medical record systems into one, global healthcare network. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we meticulously analyze key patient data, including medical histories and lab results. This analysis informs our patient-centric platform, providing personalized healthcare recommendations while identifying broader health trends, thereby transforming healthcare management.

The HealthLynked network, crafted and perfected by medical professionals with the patient’s needs in mind, prioritizes unmatched data privacy. Our platform, which is both accessible and trustworthy, ensures the utmost security by strictly prohibiting the sharing of medical information with third-party entities.

The Impact:

Financial Information

First Quarter 2024 Results

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Latest Videos

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HealthLynked rolls out online concierge service on cloud-based medical network

Why Invest?

HealthLynked is connecting patients, doctors, and data through a proprietary cloud-based healthcare network, using artificial intelligence to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Investment Appeals

Innovative Healthcare Technology That is Creating a More Connected Healthcare System

Revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by providing an innovative cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between patients and providers through the efficient exchange of medical information. By utilizing proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Healthlynked is redefining the healthcare journey landscape of the future.

Recent Actions Set The Stage For Accelerated Growth
  1. Recent sale of its Accountable Care Organization (“ACO”) for almost $2 million frees up cash flow for continued investment in the digital healthcare network that remains the future focus of the company.
  2. Implemented at the end of 2022, our Concierge and Medical Membership programs has been met with strong demand and is on pace to generate significant annualized revenue on a recurring basis.
  3. The rollout of significant updates to its HealthLynked app, reinforcing its commitment to offering a seamless and personalized healthcare experience to its users.
Highly Experienced and Respected Leadership Team Within the Healthcare Industry
Focused leadership team with extensive experience leading high growth companies, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) as well as a proven track record taking a OTCQB company to the NASDAQ.
Diversified Healthcare Technology Platform

Three healthcare segments provide complementary revenue and profit streams, including: Digital Healthcare, Health Services, and Medical Distribution. Recent AI and technology build out at Healthlynked should benefit all segments and re-accelerate growth over time in the digital platform.

Despite some financial challenges of the recent past, HLYK is poised to strengthen its balance sheet going forward.

Recent initiatives, such as the sale of the ACO business, have reduced cash burn that will allow better cash flow management going forward. In addition, tough initiatives undertaken in 2022 and in the first quarter of 2023 have significantly reduced the company’s expense ratio. With the MOD impairment charge in the rearview mirror and the potential windfall in the event of the ACO buyer’s possible IPO, the balance sheet strength has improved.

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