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HealthLynked Corp. Announces 12,926 Patient Member Profiles in Florida

NAPLES, Fla., Dec. 19, 2017 — HealthLynked Corp. (OTCQB:HLYK) today announced it now has added 12,926 patient profiles in its Florida market.

Dr. Michael Dent, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated, “I am excited to see the HealthLynked Network unfolding at such a rapid pace. We will be working with our providers to onboard their patients as we continue to expand our presence in Florida.

“With over 880,000 provider base profiles in the HealthLynked network, we have created a comprehensive healthcare directory allowing patients to ‘Lynk’ to the healthcare providers they choose. Connecting patients to their healthcare providers brings us one step closer to our vision to create a comprehensive healthcare network to improve healthcare through the efficient exchange of medical information and make recommendations to our members based on their unique medical history.”

About HealthLynked Corp.

HealthLynked Corp. provides a solution for both patient members and healthcare providers to improve healthcare through the efficient exchange of medical information. The HealthLynked network is a cloud-based platform that allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers and take control of their medical information. Patients enter their medical information including medications, allergies, past surgeries and medical records in one convenient, secure online location, free of charge.

Participating healthcare providers can connect with their current, former and future patients. The benefits to our provider members include the ability to see more patients, access more accurate patient information, improve patient retention, more efficient scheduling, and the ability to fill last minute cancellations using our “real time appointment scheduling” mobile application. Healthcare providers pay a monthly fee to increase online visibility, connect to their existing and former patients, recruit and maintain new patients, and improve office efficiency.

For additional information about HealthLynked Corp., visit and connect with HealthLynked on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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